Atlas System: See all your stamps online

From today you can see your stamps online and on

The ATLAS System is the modern integrated social security system that brings together Insurance History and Insurance Capability for all insured persons in the country. In particular, with "ATLAS":

• The National Register of Insured is established, which lists both direct and indirect insured persons.

• For the first time, the insured history is assembled per insured person, thus creating the Digital Individual Insurance Account, a form of electronic insurance "CV".

• The National Register of Carers is set up and the bookkeeping visa is abolished.

• All the regulatory framework for the foundation and award of pensions is digitized and computerized.

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The creation of the Unified Register of Insurance and Insurance Capacity "ATLAS" is the biggest reforming achievement in the field of social security.
It finally separates yesterday from tomorrow's social security.
It introduces a new era of transparency, quality service and upgrading of the daily life of our country's insured.
All citizens, and in particular younger generations, have the opportunity to watch their "insurance resume".
From the very first moment they will enter the labor market until the day of their retirement.
The new information infrastructures of the Ministry of Labor such as "ILIOS", "ERGANI" and now "ATLAS" constitute a unique resource for the future of our homeland.

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So if you are insured with OGA, OAEE, IKA, EBRD and OGA, you can see how many stamps you have online and on the new website using your AMKA, and the taxisnet entry codes.

To date, there are online 2,8 billions of insurance days from the above-mentioned insurers and in the future there will be integrated information from ETAP-SMEs and NAT.

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