ATSCAN Web Applications Scanner with Exploitation Features

ATSCAN is a web application scanner, which can be used to collect information and analyze the security of web applications. Information gathering capabilities include port scanning, IP addresses, and email collection and CMS detection.

Vulnerability tests cover SQL, AFD, XSS and LFI vulnerabilities. The tool has built-in modules to perform these tasks. It also has a massive search for security holes with dork and does mass exploitation.


Ines Engines: [Google apis cache] Bing Ask Yandex Sogou Exalead Shodan
● Mass Dork Search
● Multiple instant scans.
● Mass Exploitation
● Use proxy.
● Random user agent.
● Random engine.
● Mass Extern commands execution.
● Exploits and search issues.
● XSS / SQLI / LFI / AFD scanner.
● Filter wordpress & Joomla sites.
● WordPress theme and plugin detection.
● Find Admin page.
● Decode / Encode Base64 / MD5
● Ports scan.
● Collect IPs
● Collect E-mails.
● Auto detect errors.
● Auto detect forms.
● Auto detect Cms.
● Post data.
● Auto sequence repeater.
● Validation.
● Post and Get method
● IP Localization
● Issues and Exploit search
● Interactive and Normal interface.
● And more…

Installation instructions

git clone


chmod + x ./


chmod + x ./

 Application Screenshots

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