AT&T was the first company to announce 5G

5G: We knew it was coming. AT&T is the first company in the world to announce (today) that it will initially begin installing 5G in two US cities this year: Austin and Indianapolis.

The upcoming "5G Evolution" high-speed telecommunications network is also touted as the network that will initially offer speeds of up to 400 Mbps - about 40 times faster than a standard mobile data connection. 5g

The same network will be improved and evolved later to catch the 1 Gbps which is considered the highest speed that a real 5G network can catch. AT&T says the upgraded network, which could reach theoretical speeds of one gigabit, will be available by the end of the year.

The original installation is part of a much larger initiative than the country's second-largest mobile operator. The 3.0 or Indigo network is configured to use sophisticated software that improves hardware performance and offers upgraded speeds without the need for significant investment in network infrastructure.

The news follows a similar announcement yesterday in which the same company first mentioned the "AirGig" network, a project that intends to bring gigabit speeds into the home through existing power lines.

AT&T is currently announcing that it will begin testing at two locations starting this fall.

It remains to be seen when this network will be announced in Greece as well. Think that with the upcoming technology, mobile devices will get over the air faster internet than many home appliances with wired connections.

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