Audacious 4.3 open source player (Linux, Windows, BSD)

Audacious is an open source audio player. A descendant of XMMS, Audacious plays your music the way you want it to, without the need for additional resources on your computer from other tasks.

Audacious, audacious player

Drag and drop folders or individual song files, search for artists and albums throughout your music library, or create and edit your own custom playlists.

Listen to CDs or transfer music from the Internet. Adjust the sound with the graphic equalizer or change the dynamic range with sound effects.

Enjoy the modern Qt-themed interface or change things with Winamp Classic. Use the add-ons included in Audacious to download lyrics to your music, display VU counter, and more.

Audacious runs on Linux, BSD and Windows. To download and install the latest version (4.3), visit the official download page. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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Audacious, audacious player

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