Audacity clarification of privacy policy & apology

MuseGroup, owner of the open source Audacity audio editing program, today released an updated privacy policy and an apology. The company acquired the Audacity repository in May of 2021 and since then the problems began.

It started with adding telemetry to the open source application. Audacity is a program that runs offline on various platforms and the Muse Group suggested that telemetry would help focus growth.

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Plans to add telemetry were rejected following criticism from Muse Group of its design. Audacity still contained an option to provide bug reports. But this time users could choose.

With one announcement of the new privacy policy published in early July started the next controversy. The new policy provided more information about the data collected by the company.

The Muse Group tried to clarify its recent privacy policy and admitted that some phrases were unclear.

Today, the Muse Group posted a privacy policy update and apology for the official Audacity repository on GitHub. Audacity 's updated privacy policy is available at official site.

The briefing examines the main points of criticism made against the previous version of the privacy policy.

Specifically, the following points are amended:

  • The device that discourages users under the age of 13 from using the Audacity application has been removed.
  • Explains the purpose of reporting errors and reporting updates.
  • The full IP address will never be saved (truncated or hashed).
  • The paragraph "collection of personal data for law enforcement" makes it clear that no additional data is collected.

For those interested the following table has been published on the Audacity website:

Network featureData collectedPurpose
Check for updates• User-Agent string (Audacity version, OS name and version)
• Country from IP address
Audacity will periodically check to see if a new version of the application is available. 


This feature is on by default. We provide clear links to disable it when the app is first opened.

Error reports• Basic technical data (CPU info, Audacity version, OS name and version)
• Error codes
• Stack trace
If a serious error occurs in Audacity, you are shown the relevant information and given the option to send it or not sent it to us as a report. 


We use this information to help us detect serious issues and fix them quickly.

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