Audi is converting all its factories to manufacture electric vehicles

Audi is getting ready to convert its entire global network of production plants to build electric vehicles as it prepares to compete for the future.

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Audi announced last year that its last internal combustion car would roll off the production line in 2033, launching only electric vehicles from 2026. To better compete in the new era of EVs and ease the transition, Audi will convert all existing production plants to build electric vehicles by 2029. Audi board member for production and logistics Gerd Walker said, "Step by step, we are bringing all our facilities into the future," as the automaker prepares to move electric vehicles.

In a press release issued Tuesday, Audi presented the "plan for the production of the future". This plan also includes the conversion of its global network of factories for the production of electric vehicles.

Walker added: “Audi's path is to save resources and accelerate our transformation. Rather than building new facilities like some competitors, Audi will work to integrate the flexibility these new state-of-the-art factories provide into its existing operations."

A key focus of Audi's production plan is to halve the annual costs of its factories by 2033. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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