IT Audit business practices

Many experts suggest that IT auditing is the perfect first step in streamlining a company's cybersecurity.

In this post, you will find out why an IT audit is necessary and what best practices you need to follow to make this process effective.

IT Audit: Why is it necessary?

Did you know that cyber security issues have cost companies over $ 200.000? These statistics come from a CNBC report which also points out that 43% of cyber attacks take place in small businesses. Only 14% of these media are ready to block and recover from these attacks.

Through IT auditing, you can avoid the cost of cyber security threats, from financial impact, data loss and reduced reliability.

The need to keep up with the frequent digital updates is another practical reason for conducting IT auditing. Software and IT tools often become obsolete as developers update frequently. But with regular check-ups, finding ways to keep track of changes will be easier.

The IT assessment process helps entrepreneurs identify the current state and capability of cyber security measures. If the current security template is ineffective, a new template will be released.

Best Practices for Use for an Effective IT Audit

To perform a seamless IT auditing process, consider these best practices:

  1. Define the scope, priorities and purpose of the audit. Are you going to evaluate only your IT department or the digital processes of your entire company? Do you want to ensure confidentiality, maintain integrity, improve e-commerce capabilities, protect assets or control online activities? Your answers to these questions will help you set goals and expected audit results.
  2. Record the cyber security threats you face. If you've done it before, check it out for a list of existing cyber threats. It also helps to know the common cyber security threats facing companies (eg malware, e-fishing, DDoS breaches and weak login credentials).
  3. Establish effective security measures. You can refer to the respective troubleshooting instructions for each threat found. In addition to IT solutions, experts also suggest that companies educate their employees about the best way to stay safe in cyberspace while protecting their physical and mental health while working. You can start this initiative by setting up backups. Install email and software protection programs. Schedule regular hardware maintenance and update software. It is also practical to have network monitoring software to track suspicious activity and common targets of cybercriminals.
  4. Use of professional services. Yes, it's good to have an internal team to regularly perform security audits, immediately after a notification. However, it is also wise to leverage the state-of-the-art tools and expertise of third-party professionals. You can rely on experts for an honest, και επαγγελματική απόδοση, βοηθώντας σας να αποφύγετε τρωτά σημεία.
  5. Inform everyone in your company. Prior to the evaluation, it also helps to organize a meeting throughout the company. Orient your team on what will happen and encourage their full cooperation, especially if they are required to answer inquiries or questions. During the discussion, you could also present the company program and make sure that there are no significant events or meetings during the audit. Invite third-party IT consultants to assist and plan the best time for the evaluation to take place.
How often should an IT Audit be done?

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Given the potential loss and security issues that cybersecurity may pose, you should not take control of the systems for granted. In today's digital age, cybersecurity is just as important as health and safety at work. Ultimately, the purpose of a cyber security check is to protect your digital space and internet presence as well as a way to maintain your contracts with stakeholders. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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