AUKUS France discovers that the US has no allies

Paris described the Anglo-Saxon AUKUS security pact as a "backlash". The security pact is shifting the US geopolitical focus on East Asia, with China as its main rival.

France seemed to be taken by surprise, for something that was actually expected.


But let us remember for a moment the "five eyes", a very old agreement of exchange of information and cooperation with America's traditional allies in Asia.

Five Eyes

The term Five Eyes is a pseudonym for the United Kingdom-United States Agreement (UKUSA by the United Kingdom-United States of America Agreement).

Despite its official name, the UKUSA agreement is made up of five different countries: the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. The agreement has its roots in an information exchange agreement between Britain and the United States since World War II.

Five Eyes is known for many and notable privacy scandals in recent years, such as PRISM, xkeyscore and Tempora.

The History

A US classified "Information Need" spy order imposed long-term financial espionage on France in order to obtain information about the financial activities of French companies and the economic policies and decisions of the French government.

Information Needs (IN from Information Need) are data collection requirements exported by SIGINT and used to justify monitoring by US policy makers and the US Information Community.

The IN presented below was first created in 2002 and has been updated for more than a decade since then. It is listed on the NSA's top French targets and was published by WikiLeaks.

The order

Indicates what specific information ("Essential Elements of Information" (EEE)) information services are interested in, ie what they are mandated to collect. These include France's economic relations with the United States, other countries and international institutions, France's financial and trade policies, and its views on the G-8 and G-20 agendas.

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This US Essential Elements of Information mandate for France spies on US spies to gather information on all French sales and financing of major telecommunications, power, gas, oil, nuclear and other projects. renewable energy and environmental and healthcare technologies. In essence, it also requires monitoring and reporting on all negotiations and contracts of French companies worth more than $ 200 million.

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