Automatically sign in to Windows 8-10 computers

Do you have a new Windows 10 computer at home and do you need to enter your password each time to log in to your account? Rather this publication is for you. We'll describe a way for you to be able to sign in tools

By following the steps below, the computer will bypass the user's screen and the necessary password entry when you log on to the system.

This solution resolves hands if you are the only user of the system or have other means of protection, such as a full disk encryption. It is advisable not to go ahead if you share your computer with others, because by going ahead, you will have access to the selected account and others. If you think you do not care to go ahead, we must alert you that each user will be able to access your personal files, programs, and other information.

Windows 10 uses the same mechanisms as previous versions of Windows to select an account for automatic connection.

The method works both locally and for remote Microsoft accounts just like in Windows 8.

What to do:

  • Log in to your Window accounts. You can log in to each Window's account, you do not need to log in to the account you want to set up automatic login. Just make sure it has no limited rights.
  • In the search, type cmd.exe and run .exe. A window of the Windows command line will open.
  • Type the command netplwiz ή Control userpasswords2. The result will be the same that if you type, it will take you to the same system tool. It may open a window asking you for the administrator password. The command will open the control panel for User Accounts on your users
  • Select the user account from the list you want to be automatically logged into the system. Uncheck the box "Users must enter a username and password to use this computer" and click Apply.
  • You will be prompted to enter the password of the account you want to change.
  • Once you have entered the password twice and click OK, restart the computer to see if you have done it.

If you've done the above steps correctly, you'll need to sign in automatically from now on. The Windows 10 will start from the desktop or from the Start Screen depending on how you have configured the computer you are using.

Of course, you can undo the change at any time by repeating the steps outlined above.

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