Microsoft's SwiftKey keyboard has the ability to automatically translate

Microsoft released yesterday an important update to the SwiftKey running on Android, which includes the ability to auto-translate at the time of typing, ie in real time.

In other words, with SwiftKey keyboard your text can be translated automatically as you type using the camera automatic translation of Microsoft Translator. This feature was originally developed in build beta, which the company released in early September, but with this version, it is available to all mobile Android owners.

"We have integrated Microsoft Translator into SwiftKey. This gives you a fast and hassle-free way to use automatic translation. "There is no more switching applications or copying and pasting back and forth," says Microsoft on the features of this new version.

In addition, the new version of SwiftKey offers support for a range of new languages, such as Adyghe, Nubian-Dongolawi, Dotyali, Gorontalo, Ingush, Kabiye, Mi'kmaq, Newar, Wakhi, Kalmyk and Nubian-Kenzi. We do not think you need or know any of the above new languages, but SwiftKey contains Greek and all known languages. In addition to the new languages, there are also updates for the existing ones.

SwiftKey is undoubtedly one of the most advanced keyboard applications not only on Android but also on iOS, offering an extremely accurate prediction and correction mechanism in an impressive variety of languages.

The rating of the app on the Google Play Store as well as 100 millions of installations is live proof of how advanced it is.

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