Chrome Autofill remove a link from autocomplete

To be sure, you are familiar with the Autofill feature or the Chrome Auto-fill feature in English. When you start typing a URL into the Chrome address bar, your Google browser will show you a list of addresses that match what you type.

The more you type, the more accurate your Chrome suggestions are.Autofill

But what if Chrome continues to suggest an address that is not relevant? For example, if you typed a typing error at any time and pressed enter? Or you use a shared computer and you do not want other users to discover what pages you're browsing.

Autofill can be a very useful tool, but it is a serious risk of confidentiality. Clearly, you should delete the entry.

But how can you remove a unique URL from Chrome's auto-fill suggestions? It's very simple.

To delete a single URL from its autofill suggestions Chrome, follow the instructions below:

Open Chrome and start typing a URL until the entry you want to delete appears.
Use the down arrow to highlight the entry you want to delete and press the two Shift + Delete keys together.
The entry will disappear from the autocomplete suggestions of your browser.
Of course, if there are many listings you want to delete, you may need to make more radical solutions, such as clearing all browser history and browsing data.

To clear your Chrome browsing data, open the menu (three vertical dots) Settings - Advanced - Privacy and Security - Clear browsing data. Select all checkboxes and click Clear Data to complete the process.


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