Automattic buys BruteProtect and has the premium service for free

Η Automattic bought the plugin BruteProtect to protect against malicious attacks on WordPress websites. The company plans to customize the plugin in Jetpack Suite, which it develops itself.


BruteProtect will remain available for the time being, and the development team is working to adapt it to Jetpack. Automattic will also turn the premium service of BruteProtect, which currently costs 5 dollars a month, to free service for all users. When the technology is fully implemented in Jetpack, the BruteProtect team will inform users in advance, before turning off the Plugin.

The interest is that, the founder of BruteProtect Sam Hotchkiss revealed that he developed the first version of the tool at 18 hours last year when he noticed a significant increase in botnets using attacks Brute Force to enter their management panel WordPress sites. Last month, BruteProtect blocked 35 millions of attacks.

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