Which is the best Anti-Virus, new tests from AV-TEST

That's it -TEST carried out a new series of tests to determine the best anti- for Windows 7. This time a total of 25 participated τα ασφάλειας, που συνεργάζονται με το νούμερο ένα λειτουργικό σύστημα στον κόσμο.


As expected, its Security Essentials , που διατίθεται με δωρεάν άδεια χρήσης στα Windows, χρησιμοποιήθηκε σαν αναφοράς και σύγκρισης για το νέο γύρο των δοκιμών. Το προϊόν της Microsoft έλαβε 0 από 6 βαθμούς για την προστασία, 4 από 6 για τις επιδόσεις, και 6 μονάδες για τη χρηστικότητα.

In addition to a product that received the certification, AhnLab: V3 Internet Security 8.0, all others had relatively low performance during the test and of course the rating did not skyrocket, indicating that the protection afforded to users is minimal .

Όσον αφορά την προστασία τώρα, τα προϊόντα ασφαλείας από της Trend Micro, G Data, McAfee, MicroWorld, F -Secure, Kaspersky, Qihoo, , and Avira's received the highest ratings.

Κανένα προϊόν δεν κατάφερε να πάρει τη μέγιστη δυνατή βαθμολογία στις δοκιμές απόδοσης, αλλά το Internet Security 2014 της Symantec, το Tencent PC Manager 8.5, το McAfee Internet Security 2014, το Kaspersky Internet Security 2014, το Qihoo 360 Internet Security 4.2, και το Bitdefender Internet Security 2014 απέσπασαν την υψηλότερη βαθμολογία.

From the point of view of usability, almost every anti-virus product tested has had impressive results, with the exception of Comodo Internet Security Premium 6.3 and Norman Security Suite Pro 10.1, which rank among the lowest score products.

The major winners of the new AV-TEST trial are Kaspersky Internet Security 2014 and Bitdefender Internet Security 2014, which received the highest scores for protection and usability and scored virtually perfect in performance tests.

The best freeware anti-virus software on the market is once again Avira Internet Security 2014, which also received a very good rating on protection and usability, but it only got 3,5 points from 6 for performance. Both AVG and avast! Free Antivirus 2014 run quite well, but in the latter case, security technicians have only provided 3 degrees for the protection provided to consumers using Windows 7 64bit operating systems.

"During January and February 2014, we continuously evaluated 25 security products, using their default settings. We have always used the latest publicly available version for all the products we tested. We updated them and let them update themselves, from the cloud services they use. ” said AV-TEST.

"We focused on realistic test scenarios and tested the products against real threats circulating on the Internet. The products had to prove their capabilities, using all the ingredients and protection layers. ”

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