AVG Glasses of Invisibility promise privacy

AVG present the glasses of invisibility, a new product from the company's laboratories, yesterday in Barcelona.
avg privacy glasses

But what do these glasses do? They are designed by AVG to protect your privacy when in public.

Depending on where you live, surveillance cameras may be a common phenomenon. They track specific locations, record what's happening or use face recognition software to track people.

But surveillance cameras are part of the problem. All modern phones come with cameras and the rise of social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram or Google Plus, increases the chance that your photos can be found online without you wanting.

Websites like Facebook use face recognition algorithms with great success and so can discover the links that exist between its members.

AVG glasses are designed to protect your identity "through a combination of technology and special materials".

Glasses use infrared light and reflective materials to protect you from face recognition algorithms and your identification.

It is clear that these glasses do not completely protect you. It may make it difficult for Face Detection software to identify you instantly, but it is still likely that someone who sees the photo can recognize you.

AVG also states that the technologies applied do not offer 100% security. Reflective materials may not be as effective if filters are used by cameras.

As a conclusion to this article, let's say that AVG glasses may not be as effective, but the fact that companies are in the process of protecting our privacy from indistinct surveillance cameras is very encouraging.

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