Ayvri: View and share your travels on a 3D map

The Ayvri website offers a free opportunity to see, relive and share your nature excursions through a 3D interactive map.


Do you like running, cycling, flying or just traveling? If you want to relive your experiences and share them with your friends then try it website ayvri.com. It offers you the ability to see on a 3D map your entire route. Of course it requires you to have one with us Tracker which will record your position at any time.

For those who do not know, trackers are an application that reads your position via GPS and records it in a file every few seconds, depending on the setting you have made. The application used to need the corresponding hardware machine, but now you can download such software that will run from your mobile phone. THE Ayvri supports the Tracker Strava software, but do not worry about it, anything that can save its data in igc file, does for your work.

These applications, in addition to being able to send your location online and thus see where you are at all times (assuming you have a data connection on your phone and are within a mobile network), can save you all the way to a file, usually with the .igc extension. Files like this are read as txt files.

The igc file can be uploaded to the website ayvri.com and see your position move over time. Especially those who like and are involved in air sports will see their position according to the altitude they were at at any given time.

The site requires registration, offers unlimited file uploads so you can keep a log of your adventures on it. Each igc file you upload creates a unique link where you can share it for free with your friends, to be admired.

For professionals, the website offers a paid api feature.

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