BackBox Linux penetration tests now and out of the cloud

The BackBox Linux operating system designed for intrusion testing, ethical hacking and other security testing is currently available on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

If you want you can run BackBox Linux in the cloud, from your AWS account, as it is now available on the Amazon Web Services cloud platform as an AMI (Amazon Machine Image) virtual machine that you can install with a few clicks.BackBox Linux

The BackBox Linux operating system is based on Ubuntu and promises to offer Amazon Web Services users an optimal environment for professional penetration penetration testing as it has a remarkable collection of the best hacking tools

Available only for members of BackBox Linux

The BackBox Linux team promises reliable access to your Amazon Web Services (AWS) virtual server at any time. The team reports that there are some customized settings for each case that will allow you to have all the resources you need for top performance, high reliability and availability.

BackBox Linux at AWS is currently only available for BackBox members, so those who are interested in trying to distribute to AWS should pre-subscribe to the official distribution page. Once you sign up, and you need specific hacking tools, you can request them from here.

If you want to run the BackBox on your computer instead of the cloud of Amazon Web Services, you can download the last edition BackBox 5.2, based on the operating system Ubuntu LTS 16.04 (Xenial Xerus).



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