Backdoor man: When security goes by walk

The Australian government is leading the way and wants to be "your backdoor man" (stolen by Led Zeppelin).

While the rest of the world is trying and succeeding in repeatedly defeating the imminent legislative threats to end-to-end encryption, Australian parliamentary representatives, both of the big parties, have rushed to vote for them deliberately without debate, in time for Christmas. backdoor

A big ZETA to the honest politicians, and the unruly police!

It is probably unnecessary to describe the problems that such a short-sighted law will bring.
Only a politician with a radish IQ should believe that creating a backdoor in encryption means that only the government can be "your backdoor man".

Of course, we continue to think of better methods for keeping our data safe as we continue to devise ways to circumvent security. Then we again try to cover detours with more security layers. But the struggle of all those involved is going for a walk if a government votes on backdoor use.

We have all heard the arguments against terrorism and how the security services want to strengthen our systems. You may also know the cliché that justifies the disclosure of private data by claiming that "if we save even one life, it is worth it".

So let us ban all cars, trucks and airplanes, trains and boats. Let's remove the stairs from the buildings, because any kind of construction or machinery seems to be dangerous. Banning factories. Fishing, sport is prohibited. It is forbidden to go out on a sunny day. If we can save a life, it's worth it, right?

But since I left, the Australian government does not forbid anything: it just allows breaking the encryption in the name of the fight against terrorism.

So let's limit ourselves to cracking.
Perhaps the US authorities could consider breaking the blockchain to detect IDs from terrorism-related Bitcoin accounts. Or let the intelligence services break down communications systems so they can control everything.

Or even better, let's get rid of security completely. Why should anyone try? At this point password1234 passwords are meaningful!



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