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Background Burner: Do you have a photo you want to use on a blog, or in a presentation, but should you first remove the background? In previous publication we saw how to do it with free apps without using a complete tool like Photoshop.

Instead of using applications, and trying to carefully select the background, which takes precious time, we will now see a Web application that does everything automatically.

Background Burner is a free application that just works. You can access it from your browser.

Like many web apps, you can start by uploading the image you are interested in, with a drag n drop, or with the classic file browsing feature.

As soon as the image is uploaded, the application attempts to automatically remove the background and after a few seconds of editing it displays several results that allow you to choose.


We used a picture of Pirate Bay

Background Burner

See one of the results:

You can download the image with a transparent background (you will need to subscribe to the service) or add one of your own.

Note: In images with colorful backgrounds the Web application will remove some of them, but it gives you the ability to process online.

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