Backup Exec 16 extended cloud support and virtualization

Veritas Technologies LLC, announced its release Backup Exec 16, a significantly renewed version of its unified solution for data protection and retrieval, for medium-sized companies.

In this category of companies, data storage needs are expected to increase by 33% over the next three years, according to a recent survey. With budgets staying the same and business expectations rising in the wake of the rapid growth and better performance of IT services in backing up and recovering, medium-sized businesses are looking for a stronger, more flexible and reliable data protection solution. their.backup-exec-16

Effective use of available resources will be crucial to avoid disrupting business operations.

The Backup Exec 16 helps businesses meet critical data protection challenges by covering all critical data in virtual, physical and cloud systems - no matter where they are installed. It also helps them leverage the most advanced and scalable Microsoft platforms such as Microsoft Azure, Windows Server 2016 and Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2016.

With the new version, system administrators can take advantage of expanded cloud support, as well as the simpler licensing system. The features of Backup Exec 16 include:

Extensive support Cloud: Backup Exec 16 improves cloud migration, offering a unified, unified platform that protects critical data across all virtual, physical and cloud infrastructures. The improved configurations it provides for servers and services, improve flexibility to protect data from and to the cloud.

Microsoft infrastructure support Cloud: Organizations can make better use of sophisticated and scalable Microsoft platforms such as Azure, Windows Server 2016 and Hyper-V Server 2016. For example, Azure components are protected by creating one-pass backup and granular recovery capabilities at the file, folder, or object level. The flexibility of Backup Exec can support the organization's choices in data protection policy without imposing any restrictions. With reliable end-to-end encryption protocols, they can secure data, while helping businesses store sensitive data even on the most commonly-used cloud infrastructure.

High performance: Backup Exec helps protect VMware virtual machines by offering speed without compromising performance while ensuring that individual files can be restored quickly. This is the patented "Instant Granular Recovery Technology" (Instant GRT) feature, which meets high requirements in terms of data recovery.

System administrators can enable VMware virtual machines immediately after a recovery, significantly reducing the time and effort typically required to enable virtual servers from backup. This feature gives many benefits to an organization, such as to recover immediately after a ransomware attack.

Simplified purchase and licensing process: Focusing on medium-sized businesses that do not have unlimited resources, complex infrastructure, or specialized backup administrators, Backup Exec combines Veritas's experience with security in virtual and cloud environments so organizations can effectively protect their entire range of data .

"Most organizations operate in a hybrid cloud model, which means they need access to data stored in a combination of heterogeneous clouds. environments and on- he said facilities" said Andy Spencer, Backup Exec Global Product Marketing, of Veritas. "Veritas provides data protection, reducing the complexity and risks of using multiple applications and increasing the degree of monitoring and control of information. Backup Exec 16 helps businesses meet these critical challenges in a simple and straightforward way, fully protecting their critical data of organizations both in physical, and virtual or cloud environments ”.

Great growth in virtual systems, increases storage space requirements in data centers. A international research which was conducted on behalf of Veritas, revealed that over the next three years, medium-sized companies will store 39% of their data in virtual infrastructures, compared to 33% of physical and 27% of cloud infrastructures. To address the complexity of data storage across multiple systems, many organizations are turning to system-specific backup tools. On average, companies use four data protection tools, with separate licensing, maintenance, training, operation and infrastructure costs for each. Backup Exec 16 unifies operations by helping medium-sized businesses save valuable resources vital to their growth.

Customers in this category trust Backup Exec to protect their Microsoft and VMware systems for more than 10 years. Backup Exec offers flexible capabilities for protecting virtual machines, so organizations can ensure accurate and efficient data recovery that meets their business goals. Backup Exec, with 2,2 million customers, has supported over 800 million backups and 7 million restores worldwide.

"We are pleased to continue our long-term relationship with Veritas, helping to deliver powerful and flexible cloud solutions in the category of medium-sized enterprises " said Tad Brockway, Microsoft's CEO, Microsoft Azure Storage, Microsoft Corp.

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