Photo Backup, despite deleting Google Photos

I was very happy with the initial browsing on Andoid Lollipop when I noticed the security changes brought about by Google. And it concerns the defaults of the operating system that the company set unlimited. But the complaints were not late…

Google Photos

This time the issue is the pre-installed application "Photos", which without any warning and without the user's knowledge, backs up every photo and video taken by the user in Google Drive.

You can easily check it through the application on your smartphone, if a backup has taken place, and of course what photos have gone up in the cloud.

You can also check it through your browser from here.

Or through Google Drive here. 2015-07-16 16-37-33


How do I disable automatic backup?

Anyone who does not want automatic backup of their photos and videos can easily turn it off in the following way. From the settings menu of the "Photos" application of the smartphone.






This move by Google with automatic backup has aroused questions, as well as the automatic face recognition that recognized two black people as "gorillas".



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