BACtrack Skyn: how much you have real time softness

BACtrack Skyn ​​is a wearable that can work on its own, or in collaboration with Apple Watch. Wearing Skyn, the system passively monitors alcohol consumption and provides you with an extremely accurate estimate (in almost real time) of how much you have drunk.

A quick look at the screen offers of your blood alcohol content (BAC) so you know when it's time to slow down.BACtrack Skyn

According to BACtrack Chairman and Managing Director, Keith Nothacker:

“We are excited to introduce a revolutionary innovation in alcohol monitoring, making it simple to to monitor the alcohol level, passively, accurately and in near real time. We are excited to finally share these with you , which have been ongoing for over two years.”

The BACtrack Skyn It works by measuring small amounts of alcohol, or ethanol molecules, secreted through the skin. This procedure is known as Transdermal Alcohol Content (TAC). Unlike breathalyzer tests, the TAC measurement is continuous and shows immediate results without the need to blow into a .BACtrack Skyn

Once BACtrack gets data, the TAC algorithm converts it into BAC estimates.

So the device displays a visual representation of the level of drunkenness and could save you from some troublesome moments.

Η w Skyn BACtrack will be available to 2017, although there is no specific date. Info about device pricing is also unavailable.

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