Robbery at Bangladesh Bank: the bank did not have a Firewall…

Do you remember online robbery in Bangladesh Bank? Despite countless attacks on companies and governments, and despite the ongoing data leakage, it seems that some businesses just have not taken seriously the issue of online security. Cyber ​​crime Bangladesh

For those who do not remember or did not notice, Bangladesh Bank experienced an attempted robbery that would cost them 950.000.000 dollars.

According to a researcher looking at the hack, the bank used used network switches that cost 10 dollars, and did not have a reliable firewall, as it is broadcast today Reuters.

Network switches cost hundreds of dollars each, but the bank believed that with those of 10 dollars it could connect the systems of the bank to the global SWIFT payment network.

Thus, by penetrating the bank's systems, hackers could automatically make money using the credentials that the bank used to connect to the SWIFT payment network.

According to Reuters, the bank took care of upgrading the switches only after the hack was unveiled.

So millions of dollars were successfully transferred to "invisible" accounts of hackers, and the robbery stopped due to a spelling mistake!

If you do not remember the story read:


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