Battery History View : View your battery history

Το Battery History View είναι μια δωρεάν εφαρμογή για Windows 10 και Windows 11 που θα σας προβάλει όλο το ιστορικό της μπαταρίας του φορητού υπολογιστή σας.

battery history view

All notebook computers are equipped with a battery that is charged when you connect your machine with an alternating current (AC) adapter to an AC outlet.

On a computer running Windows 10 and Windows 11, all the data of each charge (and discharge) is recorded in a database file, named SRUDB.dat and located in C:\Windows\System32\SRU. In addition to the battery, other parameters of system resources are stored in this file.

Viewing the battery history can be done easily with the NirSoft's Battery History View app. It requires administrator permissions to access the SRUDB.dat file and locate and display all information related to the laptop battery. These are the:

  • Charging Cycles
  • Manufacturer Capacity
  • Full Charged Capacity
  • Charge level
  • AC Current Active Time
  • CS AC Time
  • DC Current Active Time
  • CS DC Time
  • Active Discharge Time
  • CS Discharge Time
  • Active Energy
  • CS Energy
  • Charge Rate

The application is portable (does not require installation) and must be launched using administrator rights. If you forget, it asks if you grant them this right.

Once executed, it starts retrieving the laptop battery history from the SRUDB database.

You can use it to extract battery history from your local system as well as from a remote system on your network, provided you have access to it. The displayed data can also be exported in various formats such as TXT, HTML, JSON, CSV and more.

Η εφαρμογή υποστηρίζει επίσης και εντολή γραμμής εντολών, μαζί με αρκετούς παραμέτρους σαν διακόπτες. Για μια πλήρη λίστα αυτών των επιλογών, κάντε κλικ στην επίσημη σελίδα της NirSoft.

The application does not support Greek yet, but you can download the file BatteryHistoryView_Greek  ( , unzip it and put it BatteryHistoryView_Ing.ini in the application folder and restart the application.

Everything will be in Greek. The translation is courtesy of Iguru and the photo is from our own translated version. The Best Technology Site in Greece
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