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Be Internet Awesome: The Internet is wonderful, but it is also a dangerous place, especially for children. This is why Google launched a new Be Beyond Awesome project, which aims to teach children smart decisions online.

Most of us had at least a few decades without Internet or, at least, no social networks. Today's children will live all their lives next to cyberspace, leaving traces, which makes it very important to know how they can be secure on the internet.Be Internet Awesome

Be Internet Awesome is a program that helps kids learn the online dangers of the digital world and how to protect themselves. The program includes smart online games, as well as a long learning curriculum for teachers and schools, videos for parents who can watch with children.

The "Interland”Gives children four mini-games:

The Tower of Treasure, for example, helps kids learn how to create strong passwords while it is Reality Rever presents 10 multi-choice queries to help identify who and what to trust when connected.

The Kind Kingdom educates children to have ways in the Internet, which is extremely welcome given the phenomenon of online bullying.

The Mindful Mountain, the last of the games, and focuses on how important it is to share information with just a few people you trust, not someone connected to the internet.

Games are entertaining and have been developed in such a way that they are educational. Google created this platform after collaborating with online security agencies: the Online Family Safety Institute, the Internet Keep Safe Coalition and ConnectSafely.

Hopefully, with the help of these tools, teachers, parents and children will learn the dangers we all encounter online and how to protect themselves from various scams that are circulating.

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Be Internet Awesome

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