BeeHex print 3D pizzas and eat in 6 minutes

BeeHex: Just forget the stand-alone cars and imagine a world where you can have a delicious pizza in six minutes. The food will be at your disposal with little effort.

BeeHex, a newly established Silicon Valley company, has invented a robot specializing in printing 3D pizzas!BeeHex

It all starts with a smartphone app. After selecting the size, dough, sauce and pizza cheese, take over the bot. In 60 seconds, the machine creates the pizza before telling you it's time to put it in the oven.

Five minutes later, you can have a delicious (?) Pizza on your plate.

And if you want to create an artistic pizza, the bot offers you several customization options. Just upload a jpg image, and the machine will do its best to mimic the shape and curves shown in the image.

BeeHex has recently secured a $ 125.000 dollar funding from NASA to continue developing the project. The US space agency hopes the robot can offer something more delicious than the vacuum-filled food it has to astronauts, especially now that they are thinking of future manned missions on Mars.

125.000 dollars are just the icing on the cake. The company also secured 1 million dollars for seed financing last month, according to TechCrunch, to launch its first commercial product: Chef 3D.

Beginning later this year, Chef 3D could be everywhere: theme parks, stadiums, and / or shopping malls. The rental team of the product will assume the cleanliness and proper operation of the machine. The company reports that the machine requires only one person to work and will be faster than a typical pizzeria.

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