What you do before you install Windows 10 Creators Update

Microsoft will start delivering Windows 10 Creators Update tomorrow through a utility. This means that you will be able to download and install the new version of the operating system on their PC without having to wait until April 11, which will be available through Windows Update.

Of course, too many people are interested if Microsoft has explicitly stated that this method is addressed to experienced users who can perform the additional steps they may need for a successful update.Windows 10 Creators Update

But as you have already said, to install Windows 10 Creators Update through Microsoft's Help Assistant, you should not be a nuclear scientist, as if everything goes well, all you have to do is click on Next until the upgrading your system.

However, it would be good before you begin to be sure that you have done the following:

1. Fully upgrade your computer

First of all, make sure your computer is fully up to date, that is, it has all the latest patches. This will ensure that the upgrade to Windows 10 Creators Update will roll smoothly.

The easiest way to do this is to install the latest cumulative update, although we know it could be challenging for some, as these updates often cause problems during installation.

Open Windows Update, click Check for Updates, and install everything on your computer.

2. Free up disk space

The Windows Update Assistant will download the necessary files for the update, and then export them to update your system. So as you understand if your computer does not have the necessary space, the process will get stuck.

So before you start, make sure your computer has enough storage to upgrade.

A clean installation of Windows 10 requires 16GB for the 32-bit and 20GB version for 64-bit. However, if we are talking about system upgrades rather than clean installation, the 32-bit ISO takes 3GB, and the 64-bit image is on 4.1GB. This will require twice as much as after the download and before installation, the Microsoft assistant should unpack ISO.

3. Update all installed programs

This step sounds a bit "uncomfortable", but you should be careful. One of the most common problems that Microsoft friends face when updating Windows is compatibility of installed applications.

Security software plays the most important role, as too many antivirus programs or firewalls block the upgrade to another version of Windows.

The easiest way to avoid such an error is to update the security programs to the latest version. A more radical measure is to completely disable the software, but we would not recommend it.

If you read all the above and you are ready to upgrade your soreness, you should also read the following publication:

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