The results of the poll for better Linux distribution

After 5 voting days, we can publish the results for the best Linux distribution that emerged in our referendum, as we can not expect surprising surprises.

Before publishing the results, we should mention that what you will see below is not representative of what is prevailing in the market. For example, let us mention the distribution of Kali Linux, which is a very specialized distribution and is not used by the majority.

This distribution at DisrtoWatch occupies 29 position while in the referendum of the same distribution has been awarded the third place because of the profile of the visitors of the site.

However, Ubuntu (unfortunately because there are much more significant distributions) is the first place (DisrtoWatch comes third), followed by Mint (first at DisrtoWatch) and followed by Debian, Manjaro, openSUSE, CentOS and Fedora as you will see in images below.linux

In the poll we noticed something that was expected. Remarkable distributions such as Debian, Manjaro, openSUSE, CentOS and Fedora are not well ranked because they are not so easy for the general public.

This is not the case with Manjaro, or openSUSE as I think even newcomers can try them without encountering any particular problems.

Please note that the poll was the first 15 distributions from DistroWatch's Page Hit Ranking with two exceptions.
We added to 14 and 15 the MX Linux a distinct distribution, Kali Linux, while 14 and 15 were not DistroWatch.

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Those who did not find their preferred distribution were Other. Of course, as you will notice, there was also a Windows fanatic who lost his way, but also someone who thought it good to clarify why and why not Ubuntu.

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