BgRem : Background removal without watermark

BgRem is a free online website that can remove the background from your photo or video without adding a watermark.


Use the website completely free of charge and BgRem's application, with which you can completely remove the background of a video or photo and even replace it with an image or another video.

No registration or subscription required and it's super fast. The BgRem website works almost like any other online counterpart, but there are very few that can remove the background from videos and that too without leaving their advertising mark.

Video background remover is either too expensive or you have to do it manually. But BgRem makes it easy to work with just a few clicks. Upload your video or photo, preview the final output, and decide whether to change the background to transparent or replace it with something else. Then just ask him to create the final video.

In our tests it worked well, even on photos that didn't have a face, such as the shop doll photo. The free version of the tool lets you edit a 10-second video. If you register without paying this limit becomes 30 seconds. There is no limit to photos. The Best Technology Site in Greece
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