Bing Chat lets you share replies on Twitter and Facebook

Another busy week for Microsoft with more tweaks and improvements to the Bing Chat service. The company mentioned some of these changes in its latest Bing Blog chatbot

Among other things, the company's blog post states and the addition of a share button that lets you share Bing Chat responses from the chatbot with others on social media. The company says you'll be able to directly share something you're interested in on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, promote it by email or have a permanent link.

The image used by Microsoft shows that you can share whatever you want on WhatsApp as well.

The blog also mentions some improvements to the Tone Selector features of each conversation:

It should be mentioned that Microsoft now allows almost anyone to try Bing Chat immediately after signing up for the service.

In the future we'll see more improvements and new features released, and we'll probably have the bill out by then.

With the new addition of the share button we should expect a tsunami of posts (artificial intelligence) on social media, whatever that means.

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