Bing Wallpaper: a huge stock of images for Windows 10

Η Microsoft released the application Bing Wallpaper with a huge stock of wallpapers for Windows 10.

Although the Microsoft has tried a lot, his Search Bing he could not even touch her Google Search. However, one interesting thing that users love when using it Bing Search is the huge collection of wallpapers from around the world that appear on the search homepage. In addition, you are provided with information about the location of the image and the photographer.

Responding to the interest of users, the Microsoft has just released the standalone wallpaper app Bing Wallpaper for all Windows users. To obtain, follow these steps:

1. Visit this address and click “Install Now” to download the installation package.

2. The BingWallpaper.exe file will be downloaded. Double-click it to start the installation package and deselect the already highlighted options to not set the Bing as a home page (unless you want it). Then click "Install Now". The installation process will be automatic and fast enough.

3. When finished, the desktop wallpaper will change to a wallpaper downloaded from the server Bing of Microsoft. The application Bing Wallpaper will start running in the background of your system and the corresponding icon will appear in the taskbar.

4. When you right-click on the wallpaper icon Bing, you will be given information about the currently displayed wallpaper. If you want to switch to another wallpaper, click the arrow button in the “Change wallpaper”(Change wallpaper).

The application runs in the background and is constantly connected to the server Bing of Microsoft, to change the wallpaper. In general, if you are bored of looking for desktop wallpapers, the Bing Wallpaper is a great choice for you. Of course, the quality of its background image Bing Wallpaper is very good, suitable for all screen resolutions.

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