Bing Wallpaper: a huge stock of images for Windows 10

Microsoft has released Bing Wallpaper with a huge stock of wallpapers for Windows 10.

Although Microsoft has tried a lot, Bing Search has not even been able to touch it Google Search. However, one interesting thing that users love about using Bing Search is the huge wallpapers from all over the world displayed on the search homepage. In addition, you are provided with information about the location of the image and the photographer.

Responding to user interest, Microsoft has just released the standalone app s Bing Wallpaper for all Windows users. To obtain do the following steps:

1. Visit this address and click “Install Now” for of the installation package.

2. BingWallpaper.exe file will be downloaded. Double-click it to launch the installer and uncheck the default options already highlighted to not set Bing as your homepage (unless you want to). Then tap “Install Now”. THE installation will take place automatically and quite quickly.

3. Όταν τελειώσει, η της επιφάνειας εργασίας θα αλλάξει σε ταπετσαρία που έχει ληφθεί από τον διακομιστή Bing της Microsoft. Η εφαρμογή Bing Wallpaper θα αρχίσει να τρέχει στο παρασκήνιο του συστήματος σας και θα εμφανιστεί το αντίστοιχο εικονίδιο στη γραμμή εργασιών.

4. Right-clicking on the Bing wallpaper icon will give you information about the currently displayed wallpaper. If you want to switch to another wallpaper, click the arrow button on the line “ wallpaper ”(Change wallpaper).

The app runs in the background and is constantly connected to Microsoft's Bing server to change the wallpaper. All in all, if you are bored of searching for desktop wallpapers, Bing Wallpaper is a great choice for you. Of course, the background image quality of Bing Wallpaper is very good, suitable for all resolutions s. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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