Bing Wallpaper every day new high resolution wallpaper

Bing Wallpaper: Microsoft has provided a formal way to have beautiful photos of the Bing homepage on your desktop background.

Each day, the tool will automatically capture a new high-resolution image from the Bing search engine homepage and set it as your desktop wallpaper.

To get new wallpapers from the Bing homepage every day, you need to download the official Bing Wallpaper app from Microsoft website.

Bing Wallpaper

Run the application to install it and make sure you have not selected "Set Bing as my homepage" and "Set Bing as my default search provider" if you do not want to set Bing as the new homepage and default search engine in Chrome, Firefox and Edge.

The Bing Wallpaper application will install itself and automatically set a new wallpaper on your desktop. This will allow you to have any image displayed on the Bing homepage on a daily basis.

The application will start automatically when you start your computer and you will automatically receive a new image.

To change your wallpaper, find the Bing icon in the notification area, click on it and use the "Change wallpaper" options. You can quickly see some of the available wallpapers.

You can also click on this icon to see what the photo is - for example, it will tell you what kind of animal it is or where a landscape was photographed.

If you like the Bing Wallpaper app, you can also have new images on the lock screen every day, leaving Windows 10 enabled. We mentioned earlier that you should turn off Spotlight to get rid of ads in Windows 10, but Microsoft no longer seems to use it to promote ads.

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