Bing Wallpapers official application for Android

Bing may not be your top choice as a search engine, but there is no doubt that it has some of the most beautiful wallpapers. Microsoft recently released a Windows application that lets you use these wallpapers on your desktop.

As of today, there is also an application for Android.


To date, the Google Play Store has only unofficial Bing wallpapers. However, this new application brings the official Bing gallery with extra features.

The application will show you a new image every day that you can set as wallpaper. You can also set the image to change automatically every week or every month.

It also has a section that allows you to explore wallpapers of different categories. You can search by color, country and category.

The application seems to be available in selected countries at the moment, but apparently it is also available for Greece.

Hopefully the company will soon add more features to the app. Those who are interested can download it from the Google Play Store:ηg.wallpapers

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