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Bionic hand offers a sense of touch

Researchers in Italy and Switzerland have created a bionic hand that allows mutilated people to feel their fingers again.

Science Translational Medicine

The invention is at the stage of clinical trials. Applied to Dane Dennis Aabo, who lost to his left arm from the elbow down.

In the test, the 36-year-old patient was able to identify with bandages a the hardness of the objects he grasped.

“The hand has sensors attached to every tendon in every finger. And we can use them to understand the force exerted by the patient as he grasps an object. We use this information to trigger precise stimulation of sensory neurons and thus restore this sensation in real time to the nervous system. ", explains researcher Silvestro Micera.

Η applied to the 36-year-old patient was temporary and surgically removed.
For the of a permanent and viable prosthetic limb, scientists will need to significantly miniaturize the electronic components.

"The first time they set it up was amazing. Suddenly I began to feel things I could not for many years. I was able to understand the round and hard and soft objects, and it was a great feeling, "says 36Dan Dane.

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