After three years the bitcoin surpassed $ 1.000

For the first time in the last three years Bitcoin surpassed $ 1.000.


The last time he was at these heights was December of 2013. The currency started at the beginning of 2016 with a parity of approximately $ 450 per Bitcoin, and therefore saw an increase of 125% within one year.

Despite the fact that BitCoin has not reached the $ 1,216.7 record it held earlier, today it is at its highest capitalized price that is totally estimated at $ 16.399.607.673.

For those who have Bitcоins in their wallet this news is obviously a New Year's gift. Bitcоin market experts are optimistic about its future, indicating that at the end of the year its price could be anywhere between $ 1.400 and $ 3.000. Of course, all of this is speculation and everything depends on the market as well as on its security on the internet, since any hacking in its mobile services could be a cause of a huge blow to its price.

Current growth is likely due to China, where Bitcоin has seen an increase in its demand after an annual decrease of 7% of the yuan value of 2016.

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