Bitcoin started in 2021 exceeding the $ 30.000 mark for the first time

The Bitcoin had a difficult start with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. But despite the global financial difficulties of the pandemic, the cryptocurrency seems to be unrestrained and by the good of 2021 it exceeded $ 30.000.

The most popular name in cryptocurrencies exceeded the value of $ 30.000. With the start of 2021 only one Bitcoin is now worth more than $ 30.

Unknown why, but its value almost doubled. Investors may see this as a way to keep their money safe amid the worst global recession since 2008. However, the Bitcoin started the new year with the highest exchange rate of all time as well is just under $ 32.000 at the time of writing this article.

The volatile cryptocurrency has had a frantic course for the past two years, with continuous doubling. His recent victories Bitcoin they become even more impressive if we include the pandemic in the economic parameters. In March 2020, with much of the western world beginning to face COVID-19 and the accompanying financial instability, its price Bitcoin fell to $ 4.000, after about $ 10.000 in previous months.

But it is Bitcoin he was able to be born from his ashes incredibly fast and hit the highest par again he had. However, the whole process can serve as an example, to show you how quickly things can change for the better and for the worse. Be smart with managing your money.

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