Bitdefender 2020 upgrades your security and privacy

Bitdefender 2020: Bitdefender, an innovative cybersecurity solution provider that protects 500 millions of users worldwide, unveils new security products Bitdefender 2020 designed to provide consumers with complete privacy in a time of constant attacks and overall security amid ever-increasing cybercrime.

Its new range of consumer products Bitdefender for 2020 is designed to provide top protection against the most sophisticated threats, as well as protect your privacy from hackers.

Bitdefender 2020

In addition to technology that upgrades the fight against ransomware, illegal malware and other online threats, Bitdefender 2020 introduces new ones απορρήτου που σας προστατεύουν από ιστότοπους που παρακολουθούν την ηλεκτρονική σας δραστηριότητα και ακόμη και εφαρμογές που προσπαθούν να έχουν πρόσβαση τη φωτογραφική μηχανή και το of your device.

Bitdefender 2020, which offers top protection for  Windows, Mac OSX, Android and iOS devices, now comes with multiple upgrades.

Bitdefender malware detectors block the latest variants of modern threats while preventing any malicious pages from targeting personal information such as credit card or social security numbers, as well as protecting your family and children from online threats .

The new Bitdefender 2020 features a wide range of enhancements and technologies, from enhancements to interactions with Bitdefender features and technologies to technology upgrades designed to prevent, detect and prevent advanced and sophisticated threats from downgrading. and your private data.

As ransomware has long been a top cyber-security threat, Bitdefender's goal was to enhance the ransomware defense across all devices.

Continuous monitoring technologies such as Advanced Defense, were upgraded to identify ransomware behavior and block even new and unknown ones , not only minimizing the risk of infection and data loss, but also detecting malicious behavior.

Its new products Bitdefender 2020 is here with all these award winning technologies and much more, try it now for 30 days Free from here!

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