Bitdefender 3 awards from independent AV-TEST

Bitdefender, the an innovative provider of cyber security solutions, has won the Best Protection, Best Performance and Best Repair awards from AV-TEST's leading independent organization, demonstrating that it offers the highest levels of protection and performance among industry.Bitdefender

The technology embedded in Bitdefender's consumer solutions, in particular Bitdefender Internet Security, has also won 3's top AV-TEST awards after a year of exhaustive testing on Windows systems.

AV-TEST rewards only the most effective protection solutions that deliver excellent performance through long-term testing over a year. Vitdefender has consistently held top performance throughout the year.

Bitdefender has won the Best Protection Award in recognition of its outstanding level of protection, while the Best Performance Award recognizes the provision of omnipotent protection with minimal impact on system speed.

Also, according to AV-TEST, the Vitdefender Suite has reliably restored the control of infected systems and successfully restored the infected files. This helped win the Best Repair award.

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The above awards are added to the wealth that Vitdefender has won by independent testing organizations as well as individual examiners.

The quality of our products has contributed to an explosive growth course over the past five years, tripling sales and human resources. Testing results are even more meaningful as they justify the choice of 500 of millions of users who have trusted us to protect their digital life.




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