Bitdefender: The Blue Whale Challenge or Blue Whale Challenge

Blue Whale or Blue Whale Challenge: Recently, global attention has turned to a particularly serious case of online threat with children and adolescents, which is called Blue Whale Challenge or Blue Whale Challenge. Unfortunately, Greece and Cyprus are already measuring their own incidents.

The reason is for an online "game", with participants mostly teenagers, which more macabre could be described as non-entertaining. This fact confirms, according to reports, his own name, which is based on the habit of blue whales who commit suicide in shallow waters.Blue Whale Challenge

The moral perpetrator and creator of this dark "play" is an 23 Russian who did not hesitate to admit publicly that his goal was to clean the society from "bio-waste", meaning young participants of the "Blue Whale".

The terms of "play" are as follows:

For 50 days, each player receives an "activity" from the managers of the "Blue Whale", which they must complete and then send a photo or video as evidence. Activities include horrific activities such as self-harm and suicide, which is the ultimate "challenge" of 50's day. If the player wants to leave the "game", then the managers prevent him from threats and extortion.

Essentially, this is an online attack on children and adolescents who have problems with their social relationships or have deficient contacts with their parents, as well as children who suffer from bullying, insecurity, low self-confidence or depression.

Against this very serious case of "Blue Whale", and in order not to mourn other victims, it is up to the children, parents and teachers to be properly informed!

The Blue Whale or Blue Whale Challenge is another shattering proof of how pivotal is the installation of parental control on children's computers and smartphones.

Bitdefender at offers Bitdefender Parental Control, Bitdefender Internet Security, Bitdefender Total Security Multi Device, and Bitdefender Family Pack. This essential tool detects inappropriate content, provides limited web access to specific hours, and enables parents to remotely monitor their children's online activity.

If you notice changes in your child's behavior and are worried that he or she is being threatened by the Blue Whale Challenge, talk to him or her openly. In any case, do not forget to contact the Cybercrime Prosecution Directorate!

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