Bitdefender Total Security 2020 6 annual licenses for 5 devices

With Bitdefender Total 2020 you will get the most pioneering technology, which predicts, prevents, detects and counters even the latest and most advanced cyber threats.

It is the ultimate protection suite that goes beyond simple antivirus and anti-malware software .

Bitdefender Total Security 2020

In addition to technology that upgrades the fight against ransomware, illegal encryption malware and other online threats, Bitdefender 2020 introduces new privacy features that protect you from websites that track your online activity and even apps that try to your device's camera and microphone.

In general Bitdefender Total Security 2020 offers:

  • Full protection for Windows, macOS, Android and iOS devices
  • Unbeatable threat detection that stops all malware
  • Multilevel protection against ransomware to keep your files safe
  • Includes VPN for a fast, anonymous and secure web browsing experience
  • Parental Control to keep your children safe online
  • No effect on your system performance
  • Interface and support also in Greek

Read more about the new app.

That's it immediately available for you 6 annual licenses of Bitdefender Total Security 2020. Comment on this post (not on social media). App licenses will work for one year and you can add up to 5 devices.

Winners will be announced after the draw and licenses will be sent to the emails listed in the special comments box. Your emails are visible only to the administrators of The contest is open to our readers in Greece and Cyprus.


You will receive your gifts on the night of August 26st.

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