Bitstamp is the first online theft of 2015: 5 million in Bitcoin

It's been just one week since the New Year and we have our first major cyber crime: The Slovenian Bitcoin Exchange, Bitstamp was violated yesterday, and has suspended his services at the moment, according to ZDNet.Bitstamp

A message on the Bitstamp home page reports that one of the company's business wallets was violated on 4 January 2015. The company then suspended its services. According to the company, almost 19.000 BTC has been stolen, worth about 5 million dollars. One BTC is about 270 dollars.

The company says most of its capital is kept in "cold storage" - systems that do not have internet access - and only the digital currencies used for frequent online transactions have been lost.

The company asked its customers not to make deposits issued at older Bitcoin addresses, to prevent further losses. Bitstamp also stated that "all customers who lost digital currencies prior to the temporary suspension of services will not be affected and the amounts will be paid in full."

Bitstamp has not yet revealed further details of the violation or when it will return. Meanwhile, CEO of Nejc Kodrič has apologized through his Twitter account:

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