Black Hat USA 2014 is the presentation of Tor's violation

That's it Tor, one of the most popular and powerful anonymity tools on the Internet, was violated?

Two hackers promised to present Tor's way of decryption for 3.000 dollars at Black Hat 2014, an important hacking conference to be held in Las Vegas next month.

tor hacked

"In our presentation we will show that distributed nature, combined with the weaknesses recently discovered in the design and implementation of the Tor network, can lead to abuse to violate Tor anonymity," explain hackers Alexander Volynkin and Michael McCord.

Their presentation is entitled, "You do not have to be the NSA to break Tor: Deanonymizing users for a fee" or in English the original title: "You do not have to be the NSA to Break Tor: Deanonymizing Users on a Budget. "

Volynkin, a scientist researcher, and McCord, a software vulnerability analyst. The details that have revealed now are not many, and many members of the Tor community hope that the two researchers will follow responsible disclosure practices of potential exploits that may jeopardize the anonymity of millions of users.

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Black Hat USA 2014 will be held 2 with August 7 in Las Vegas.

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