PIC: Black list for 3 gaming service pages

Blacklist for 3 illegal online betting services from the UN. Targeted online actions are being implemented by the Electronic Crime Prosecutor's Office to combat illegal betting and gaming through the Internet

Regular proceedings have been developed for three online gambling services sites without a legal license

Targeted online actions are being implemented by the Greek Police's Electronic Crime Prosecutor's Office to identify unlicensed gambling providers and combat illegal gambling via the Internet.Black list

Regular proceedings have been developed in this context, which concerned three online gambling sites without a legal license.

More specifically, these sites provided gambling services via the Internet without a legal license, while the licensing countries of the companies operating the websites were identified abroad.

Moreover, in one case, it was revealed that the website provided the possibility of unlawfully wagering in a closed-end customer list, which had input (username and password), without the possibility of registration, in order to avoid their discovery in control of the prosecution authorities.

For a thorough and comprehensive investigation of the case, correspondence was made with the relevant Internet service providers and the Gaming Supervision and Control Committee (GPEE) was informed in order to proceed the actions envisaged.

The Commission has included (3) websites in the list of non-licensed gambling providers via the Black List.

According to the Commission:

“Three (3) additional sites, www.yezgaming.gr, livebet4u.com and www.directslot.com, were included in the 15th edition of the Blacklist of the Game Supervisory and Control Committee, of the Commission's decision, and the total number of blacklisted sites now stands at 927. "

The regular proceedings filed were submitted to the Prosecutor's Office of Athens.

The Cybercrime Division, in view of the Christmas and New Year holidays, recommends and informs online gaming users to avoid being misled and deceived:

  • to pay particular attention to the selection of the sites in which they are interested in participating,
  • always consult the list of blacklist (s) that is posted on the website of the Supervisory and Control Committee (GPEE) https://www.gamingcommission.gov.gr/ ,
  • the participation of online gamblers and gamblers via the Internet, organized without a license by the Hellenic Republic, is punishable and punished with imprisonment.

It is recalled that citizens can communicate, with anonymity or surname, with the Electronic Crime Prosecutor's Office in order to provide information or to report illicit or scandalous acts or activities carried out over the Internet to the following contact details:

  • telephone: 11188
  • Sending e-mail to: ccu@cybercrimeunit.gov.gr
  • Through the application for smart phones: CYBERKID
  • Through twitter: @CyberAlertGR

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