BlackArch Linux 2016.12.20 ISO with 1600 tools

Developers of Black Linux an Arch-based operating system addressed to ethical hackers and penetration testers have announced the release of new ISO respins.

The BlackArch Linux ISO (20 / 12 / 2016) is available for download for both the 64 and 32-bit architectures. They come with a new kernel from the fixed line of Linux 4.8, (8.4.13 version), and over 100 new tools for the needs of ethical hacking and many other improvements.BlackArch Linux 2016.12.20 ISO

“Today the new BlackArch Linux ISO has been released (20/12/2016)! Over 1600 tools, newer kernel, over 6GB per ISO and more! We would like to thank all BlackArch users, our mirrors and supporters. Thank you for your help, ”says the announcement, where you will also find the full changelog.

Among the improvements included in BlackArch Linux 20.12.2016, we can say that all BlackArch tools are coming in new versions, and that a problem with rebooting and shutting down with the LXDM Monitor Manager has been resolved.

In addition, many of the window managers, such as Openbox, Fluxbox, and Awesome, have been updated. Last month, the team announced the availability of too many new tools in the repositories of BlackArch Linux.

These include the racnmap tool for exploit networks, the opendoor OWASP directory access scanner, wafninja for attacking web application firewalls, smalisca a static code analysis tool for Sali files, hoper for URL jumps tracing and novahot, a webshell framework for penetration testers.

With these and many more, today distribution includes more than 1.600 tools (available in the repositories of BlackArch Linux).

You can download the new BlackArch Linux ISO news from the links below. Those who are already using the distribution should simply update their system.

BlackArch Linux 64 bit Live ISO2016.12.20Torrent6.3 GB94626d2b676bd36c779a111add73ba0435f3b32a
BlackArch Linux 32 bit Live ISO2016.12.20Torrent6.0 GB46a5e580c3a2d8c8f27b0fc9517a2b785a1d9c3e
BlackArch Linux 64 bit Netinstall ISO2016.12.20Torrent456 MB3c259b7f8b748b38fdac929f986391fe9336a4ca
BlackArch Linux 32 bit Netinstall ISO2016.12.20Torrent381 MB7e31f2506980888c27c2e8aa44f79b867455d754

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