BlackArch Linux 2017.06.13 ISO

The developers of BlackArch Linux a based on Arch and aimed at ethical hackers and penetration testers announced the release of new ISO respins.

Its ISO BlackArch Linux (2017.06.13 ) are available for download for both orgs64 and 32-bit killers. They come with a new one since the stable line of Linux 4.11.3, they have 100 new ones tools for his needs , but also many other improvements.BlackArch Linux 2017.06.13 ISO

"Today the new BlackArch Linux ISO 2017.06.13 were released! Over 100 new tools, newer kernel, over 6GB per ISO and much more! We would like to thank all our BlackArch users, mirrors and supporters. Thank you for your help ", the announcement states, where you will also find the complete one changelog.

Download the ISO you are interested in

Image Version Size SHA1sum
BlackArch Linux 64 bit Live ISO 2017.06.13 Torrent 7.1 GB 0c69a6d4849c0acf0d94b19ffcb49586459110be
BlackArch Linux 32 bit Live ISO 2017.06.13 Torrent 6.7 GB c91d1ba6fd930f6362b45686231fb693c4a1b139
BlackArch Linux 64 bit Netinstall ISO 2017.06.13 Torrent 480 MB b8df6e1d256f5fd547c66153fbf878aad49a1372
BlackArch Linux 32 bit Netinstall ISO 2017.06.13 Torrent 407 MB 6ec3a682d9514b257de36bed4fb84c3b530658e5 The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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