BlackArch Linux 2017.08.30 new ISO images

Developers of BlackArch Linux an Arch-based operating system is addressed to ethical hackers and penetration testers have announced the release of the new ISO rejections.BlackArch Linux

The BlackArch Linux ISO has the 2017.08.30 version number and the distribution blog provides it following communication:

"Today we released new ISO images for BlackArch Linux. Changelog: bug fix - (removed 'http:' for PGP Server key), updated BlackArch installer to version 0.5.2 (updates SHA1 sum to Linux kernel 4.12.8 is included, Many BlackArch tools have been updated, all system packages have been updated, and all management menus (Awesome, Fluxbox, Openbox) have been updated ”

"We want to thank all BlackArch users, mirrors and supporters."

BlackArch Linux is available in Live and net-install versions. Download options include a live dual-layer DVD or a web-based installation.

  The first screeners of 2017 appeared

Download the ISO you are interested in:

Download (SHA1):

blackarchlinux-live-2017.08.30-x86_64.iso (7,812MB,)

blackarchlinux-netinst-2017.08.30-x86_64.iso (491MB)

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