The BlackBerry can be released Android smartphone in the fall.

The BlackBerry is reportedly considering developing a new smartphone that runs Google's Android operating system in an attempt to gain back lost customers from iPhone and Android smartphones, according to Reuters. Blackberry android

For those who do not know the existing BlackBerry devices, they run with the BlackBerry 10 company's operating system.

The Android smartphone of BlackBerry will be released this autumn, with a QWERTY a la BlackBerry keyboard.

It is not known whether the device will have the same slider (on the keyboard) as the company presented at Mobile World Conference 2015.

Please note that the weakness of its BlackBerry operating system has always been the lack of apps.

"Android is part of BlackBerry's strategy," the Reuters report said.

The launch of an Android device will be a vote of confidence in the company's BES12 device management system used by businesses and governments to manage devices across many different operating systems, including Android, iOS and Windows.

Let's see. With less than 1% of the market share of smartphones, the news may not be a bad idea for BlackBerry.

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