BlackBerry Enterprise SDK secure messaging for everyone

BlackBerry Enterprise SDK: Businesses, and especially those in the health and defense sectors, need the latest technology in circulation but require a different level of security. To bring this market closer, the BlackBerry Canada smartphone maker has recently announced BBM Enterprise SDK release.

The BlackBerry Enterprise SDK promises to let software developers integrate BlackBerry Messenger's secure communication features into their own applications. These features include secure individual and group conversations with voice, video, and encrypted file sharing.BlackBerry Enterprise SDK

The BlackBerry Enterprise SDK also features a number of advanced features that are not usually found on messaging systems for simple consumers. It is possible to edit, delete and recall text messages. So basically the user has full control over what he is sending. The BB SDK also offers security for location services and many other features.

Thus, third-party developers will be able to provide BlackBerry Messenger reader testimonials that report at any time the message is.

So far, the company has not said anything about how much it will cost, although it has confirmed it intends to offer it as a pay-as-you-go product.

This move is indicative of the BlackBerry that a hardware company claims to have serious aspirations in business software. Marty Beard, COB of BlackBerry, said:

"We feel, and we see a growing need for secure communications. This is beyond SMS. It is for organizations that need voice messages, and text messages in real time. And they need them built into their applications. ”

By creating a system that is safe, scalable, and brandable, BlackBerry seems to have a goal.

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