The "Super-safe" BlackPhone was breached by a super stupid msg bug

The makers of the BlackPhone - a mobile phone on the market that offers unusually high levels of security - have fixed a critical vulnerability that allows hackers to execute malicious code on cell phones.blackphone

Attackers only need one from a phone number to send a message that can endanger devices via the Silent Text application.

The defect may have bad effects on BlackPhone as the device advertises for its security, and comes with a value that does not warrant errors.

Hacker Mark Dowd (mdowd) from Australia, co-founder of Azimuth Security, discovered the defect during a random survey in the last months of 2014. He shared his findings with the Register website before releasing bug fix - It will be released today.

"Successful exploitation can give remote code execution with the privileges of the Silent Text application, which works like a regular Android application, but with some additional privileges in the system required to send and receive SMS. So the app has access to contacts, location information, it can write to disk, and of course it has access to the network, "Dowd said, noting that it took him about a week to discover the bug.

The defect could also be combined with other exploits to fully control the device.

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