BlackWeb Linux based on Debian for penetration testing

BlackWeb is a Debian-based distribution. It can be used for security and penetration tests. It uses the LXDE desktop environment.

BlackWeb is a Linux distribution aimed at Penetration Testing and Security Auditing. The BlackWeb distribution is targeted at security researchers and contains hundreds of tools geared towards various security tasks such as penetration tests, security investigations, Computer Forensics and Reverse Engineering.


The environment is pretty friendly, and if you want to make any changes / modifications to fit your goals better, or perhaps add extra tools that do not exist in the repositories, it is very easy since the distribution allows you to create your own deb .

Then you can send your package to the dev team and you are actively contributing to the development of VlackWeb.

The distribution has a properly configured LXDE desktop environment to provide more stability and speed.

The Linux operating system BlackWeb is designed to achieve maximum performance and minimum resource consumption.

You can download the operating system, share it with anyone, read the source code, and change it as you wish.

BlackWeb Download

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