Blender 2.93 LTS free 3D drawing program

Blender is a 3D graphic design software, is free software and is distributed by the GNU General Public License.

Used for modeling, rigging, water simulations, animation, rendering, non-linear and for creating interactive 3D applications such as videosα. Είναι διαθέσιμο για όλα τα κύρια λειτουργικά συστήματα όπως τα Windows της Microsoft το Linux και το Mac OS X. Επίσης υποστηρίζεται και το Solaris.. Blender features advanced animation tools, various character and character design tools for character, hardware creation tools as well as Python programming language for internal scripting. Specifications Blender is relatively small and runs on all major platforms, including Linux, Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows along with FreeBSD, IRIX, OpenBSD, NetBSD and Solaris. Unofficial sources are also available for AmigaOS 4, BeOS, MorphOS, Pocket PC and SkyOS.
Blender Some of its features:

  Support for polygon grids, fast modeling surface subdivision, Bezier curves, NURBS surfaces, metaball, digital sculpting, and vector fonts. Flexible internal rendering and integration with YafaRay. Non-linear video / audio editing. The Python programming language for logic programming and additional scripting. Game-Blender is a special project for creating video games with Blender. Το Blender 2.93 είναι μια -Term Supported έκδοση. Σηματοδοτεί το τέλος μιας σειράς 20+ ετών δημιουργίας, και ανοίγει το δρόμο για την δημιουργία 3D ανοιχτού κώδικα της επόμενης γενιάς.

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  1. I add 2 additional important (positive) parameters of the blender:

    - No installation needed.
    - No internet connection required.

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